Phone Accessories and Spare Parts

About Us


Mobile Phone Spare Parts

We are the largest mobile phone repair parts distribution in Sri Lanka. We have a mobile sales team who cover every corner in the island; also, our delivery network covers whole island.
We provide the flexibility of placing orders online and payments via bank transfers.


ΩMS Brand

ΩMS products are develop and manufactured by us where the primary goal is to ensure the high quality. All the products are stream through streak quality control process, also products are tested for months for the durability and reliability before introducing to the market. Primarily, ΩMS Brand is govern by customer satisfaction which is ensured by quality of products.


ΩMS Phone Accessories

We provide wide range of mobile phone accessories with guaranteed quality of the product. We have a phone accessory range of Travel Chargers, Car Chargers, Cables, Back Covers, Headsets and Power Banks. Our chargers are developed for industry standards such as Qualcomm QC, PD, FCP and AFC resulting charging performance same as the original chargers.

Our Qualities

We are seeking for long-term customer market which is rely on our quality of service. Therefore, our sole purpose is to improve our qualities for better customer relationship.

Customer Focus

Our business philosophy is build based on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we ensure to gain the best customer satisfaction for wholesale customers as well as retail customers.

Value for Money

We mainly focus on south Asian market where the product price plays a key point. Therefore, we make sure to provide the best quality, maximum features and highest reliability for the value.

Eco Friendly

Electronic waist is a key issue when it comes to the environmental pollution. Therefore, we collect our products which are disposal/damaged specially batteries through our dealer network and sent to disposal/recycle facilities in China.

Educate the Community

We educate the community about technologies in the field of mobile phones by articles and Q&A session though our social media pages. We believe a knowledgeable customer always select the correct product or service.