Phone Accessories and Spare Parts

Our Produts

We design our products range to be compatible with latest technologies introduced by major mobile phone manufactures.
As a result, our devices and products are equipped with latest chipsets and technologies.
Therefore, ΩMS products range is keep on enhancing every year.

Our aim is to provide durable high-quality product for major consumable market in south Asian region in with an affordable price tag. Therefore, our specialists spend months of time to select the parts; then, it goes though quality and reliability testing before manufacturing.

ΩMS products has a range of Travel Chargers, Car Chargers, Headsets, Cables and Power Banks as of now and we keep on developing new products and enhancing our products portfolio to fulfil your technological requirements.

Mobile Phone Chargers

We have mobile phone charges which support 18W USB-A, OMS.LK Designed by NegoIT